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Thanks Vince (nm)
Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:10pm

  • I will know soonVince Garcia, Thu Apr 12 5:03pm
    I have an email in to Simon CAsson to ask a rough estimate of his daily riding rate on the bandit trails. Dan can match that against Butch and SD's mule travel rate after the robbery to see how that... more
    • Re: I will know soonAnonymous, Fri Apr 13 7:49am
      Hi Vince, Good question. I'll have to unearth my original notebooks with all the details. We kept a record of costs for many reasons. As the expedition was a human risk, the financials had to be... more
    • Thanks Vince (nm) — ChrisV, Thu Apr 12 5:10pm
      • Horses-Mules-MileageSimon Casson, Sat Apr 14 12:59am
        Hi Vince, I found the old OT notepads. Deep in store, with the horse head gear! My answer for those who can't see it on Facebook... " the high country mules are way better. the high Andes... more
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