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Re: Two Mules for Sister Sara.
Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:31am

Hi Pat,

Would love to see pictures of your outfit in the Mogollon country. We loved the ride from the WS into the Blue and cutting through the rim. Damn hard country - as you know! We spoke to many on the trail about horses vee mules. It depends where you're going and what the usage is. The old packers really knew their stuff. Anyone interested read Henry Daly (the US Quartermaster) whose writings are a gold mine of information.

  • Two Mules for Sister Sara.Pat, Thu Apr 12 8:28am
    The song is now in my head . I will try to send Vince my pics from my album to show you what I was doing 30 years ago in Az on the Mogollon. On my ranch I had a variety of animals. But my most... more
    • Re: Two Mules for Sister Sara. — Anonymous, Fri Apr 13 7:31am
      • SimonPat, Fri Apr 13 11:55am
        How lovely it is to hear from you. As you know I have your first edition of your book with all the crib notes in it. I will try to get those pics out to you . As it know it is very rough on me right... more
        • The BlueSimon Casson, Sat Apr 14 12:42am
          Hi Pat, Thanks for yours. Hoping you're recovering well..?Keeping active will speed progress. Look forward to the pictures. I envy you the mustang. They are so hardy. The Blue Wilderness is another... more
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