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Re: I will know soon
Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:49am

Hi Vince,
Good question. I'll have to unearth my original notebooks with all the details. We kept a record of costs for many reasons. As the expedition was a human risk, the financials had to be written down, factoring events such as technical cessation, illness, accident or worse end! Whoever was left would then be able to requisition the current costs, then determine what would be needed to continue. Read the book. Trouble really started at mile-marker 351, in AZ. Oddly, a few people are now picking up on the equine technicals regarding mounting such an expedition, horses, mules, equipment and so on. It makes me marvel just how good the Wild Bunch and their helpers really were. Far more adept than most credit them for....

  • I will know soonVince Garcia, Thu Apr 12 5:03pm
    I have an email in to Simon CAsson to ask a rough estimate of his daily riding rate on the bandit trails. Dan can match that against Butch and SD's mule travel rate after the robbery to see how that... more
    • Re: I will know soon — Anonymous, Fri Apr 13 7:49am
    • Thanks Vince (nm)ChrisV, Thu Apr 12 5:10pm
      • Horses-Mules-MileageSimon Casson, Sat Apr 14 12:59am
        Hi Vince, I found the old OT notepads. Deep in store, with the horse head gear! My answer for those who can't see it on Facebook... " the high country mules are way better. the high Andes... more
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