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Simon Casson
Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:59am

Hi Vince,

I found the old OT notepads. Deep in store, with the horse head gear! My answer for those who can't see it on Facebook... " the high country mules are way better. the high Andes is tough country. Our ride was no comparison as it was a blend of desert, mountain, canyon and high-plains - overall horses are easier for that combo. We'd have been better off using them (mules) for pack animals. But remember, no-one ever sells a good mule.... average daily mileage at Canada was 19.7 miles per day from Mexico. About what the experts said in the planning."
Hope that helps. It's a pleasure to be able to share information on the horses, usage, terrain and challenges. This element of subject matter is hardly touched on. Excusing my bias, it should be, as it'll give many a far better idea of how hard it was to maintain horses and the expertise the outlaws had in equine management, selection, training, conditioning...

  • Thanks Vince (nm)ChrisV, Thu Apr 12 5:10pm
    • Horses-Mules-Mileage — Simon Casson, Sat Apr 14 12:59am
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