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Re: Horse-Mule Relays: Andes
Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:14am

Hi Simon,
Bought the kindle edition yesterday afternoon and finished most of it last night. Well done. Not very many people would do what you did. Im jealous. I was talking to a hand that works for us occasionally and he knows quite a bit about the Wild Bunch in the Utah area. I asked him about the Bolivian robbery and the conversation we were having on this forum. He brought up a point I hadnt thought of which contradicts a little what Ive been saying. He said if they were smart they would have staged horses for the easier terrain where they could get out and move. He would then have mules for the rougher terrain. Ive never been to Bolivia. Ive google earthed it, youtube, etc.... To me, it looks a lot like eastern Utah and western a much higher elevation of course. Which if true, would mean mountains, valleys, canyons, flats. A diverse country. If Im wrong please let me know. Maybe Dan can chime in. So maybe a combination of both were used IF they were using relays, which sounds like it would be pretty hard to pull off from what your saying.

Let me ask you this Simon since you've lived in their shoes. You did your adventure kind of at your leisure. What I mean is no one was on your tail wanting to kill you. If someone were in pursuit of you, how would that have changed how you rode? Assuming that you would have friends that could help stage animals for you. Would you use a combination of horses and mules like I mentioned earlier? Say horses across the San Rafael and then mules for Diamond Mountain?

Again, well done and thanks,

  • Horse-Mule Relays: AndesSimon Casson, Sat Apr 14 12:50am
    Hi Chris, Good question, but doubtful if anyone could definitively answer. Relays always pose a problem. Holding horses. This was the biggest challenge we had, keeping them secure. And hobbles do... more
    • Re: Horse-Mule Relays: Andes — ChrisV, Sat Apr 14 6:14am
      • Bolivia/Andes/HorsesSimon Casson, Sat Apr 14 8:21am
        Hi Chris, Thanks for buying the kindle version. If you become immersed, get a 2nd edition book - you can pencil notations. The ride was hard graft. Our outfitters helped two Swedes mount a similar... more
        • Re: Bolivia/Andes/HorsesChrisV, Sat Apr 14 1:23pm
          Thanks Simon, Again very jealous of your adventure. Glad to hear you would use a combo of both horses and mules to fit the terrain. As I said earlier, thats what my cowboy buddy said. My kindle... more
      • square peg in round hole exerciseDaniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 7:17am
        Chris, you are trying to pound a square peg in a round hole. And you bring up once again the "if they were smart" angle, i.e, woulda, coulda, shoulda. What we have is what happened, not what we think ... more
        • Re: square peg in round hole exerciseChrisV, Sat Apr 14 11:00am
          You are using the wrong puzzle pieces Dan. All of the info does not add up to it being them. "Crime is an unforgiving business" that is something I do agree with you on. Butch and SK knew that as... more
        • You keep forgetting about GricePat, Sat Apr 14 7:49am
          His partner Tex, and all the other outlaws in the area. Grice did Rio Gallegos and other robberies. He was in Chile with Sundance and said Butch had gone to BA . By 1908 Butch was in Tupezia with... more
          • Re: You keep forgetting about GriceDaniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 10:07am
            Pat, Herbert Grice as I recall was back in the US by 1906 -- correct? -- thus out of the picture in terms of Bolivia. As for Butch Cassidy being the Englishman Frank Murray or the North American Ray... more
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