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Daniel Buck
Re: The humble mule wins?
Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:53pm

Two days, not four days: the trek from Tomahuaico to San Vicente was over two days, leaving Tomahuaico the morning of 5 November -- Francis, if he is remembering the details correctly, has them leaving sometime after 10 a.m. -- and arriving San Vicente early evening 6 November. As for distance, depending on how Cassidy & Sundance traveled from Tomahuaico to San Vicente: via Cucho, ca. 80 miles, or via Estarca and Cucho, ca. 100 miles. If we want to be more precise, leaving the morning of the 5th and arriving early evening the 6th is less than 48 hours.

Whether horses could have done that trek over that terrain in that time is an interesting question but not particularly relevant because we do know that the two bandits rode mules, and that mules were the preferred mount in the Bolivian Andes in that period.

This entire subject began when Chris asserted that the two bandits could not be Cassidy and Sundance because they would not be so stupid as to have ridden mules. The quote: "It was two stupid guys who didnt know what they were doing."

Whether the two bandits were Cassidy and Sundance is a different question, but the two bandits did know what they were doing. Moreover, they successfully evaded pursuing posses from Tupiza until they had the bad luck to bump into one coming down from Uyuni.

If the bandits had been really smart, of course, they wouldn't have robbed the Aramayo payroll to begin with. But, as I have suggested before, being an outlaw is not a wise occupational choice. Sooner or later, you lose. Dan

  • The humble mule wins?Vince Garcia, Sat Apr 14 11:02am
    So that is a total of 80 miles over 4 days, or 20 miles a day on mules? at worst equal to what Simon did per day on horses on the bandit trail. And He admits horses would fare somewhat worse in the... more
    • Re: The humble mule wins? — Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 12:53pm
      • Re: The humble mule wins?Vince Garcia, Sat Apr 14 2:39pm
        Don't they arrive on the 8th? leaving on the 5th would be 4 days But if it's 2 days that that's 40 miles/day by mule? I have a hard time seeing it. If they took 4 days, arriving on the 8th that would ... more
        • Re: The humble mule wins?Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 3:49pm
          Vince, I have no idea how far a mule can go if properly motivated, but I do not think 50 miles a day is unrealistic. Some info here, EXCERPT:... more
        • Re: The humble mule wins?Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 3:36pm
          Vince, the shootout was the evening of the 6th; the bodies were discovered the 7th. I screw the dates up all the time. Dan
          • Re: The humble mule wins?Vince Garcia, Sat Apr 14 4:17pm
            I guess mules can move pretty good then, especially when you have an abusive guy like SD driving them to the limit if he wants to. In any event, i see no reason why to be Butch and SD they would have ... more
            • Re: The humble mule wins?Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 6:45pm
              Vince, I can't really add anything to what I've already posted, that mules were the preferred mount in the Bolivian Andes in the 19th and early 20th century; they are more sure-footed on difficult... more
              • Mule PhotoChrisV, Sun Apr 15 6:33am
                You can not tell who is in that photos except that there are mules and not horses. Could be anyone.
                • Re: Mule PhotoDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 6:56am
                  Chris, Best to look at the big picture, so speak. Sometimes provenance -- that is, information about the date and location of the photo and identity of the people depicted -- trumps resolution.... more
                  • Re: Mule PhotoChrisV, Sun Apr 15 7:09am
                    Sorry Dan, I dont accept it as proof. Could it be them? Yes, it could because I can't really tell who anyone is in the photo. Could it be someone else....of course and probably is
                    • Re: Mule PhotoDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 7:44am
                      Chris, We're talking evidence, not proof. Evidence is what you gather, the building blocks, that help you reach a conclusion, tentative or otherwise. The history of the photo, the date, the location, ... more
      • Two Mule for Two foolsChrisV, Sat Apr 14 1:13pm
        Vince you might want to recalculate as Dan said That is my quote and I stand by it Dan. These guys did not have the same M.O. as Butch and Sundance. Nor to they fit the description of the two... more
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