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Daniel Buck
Re: The humble mule wins?
Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:45pm

I can't really add anything to what I've already posted, that mules were the preferred mount in the Bolivian Andes in the 19th and early 20th century; they are more sure-footed on difficult terrain, have more stamina than horses, and survive on less water and food.

Thus, Cassidy and Sundance riding mules in the Bolivian Andes is entirely reasonable. Dan.

PS Plus, we have a 1908 photo of them taken in the Inquisivi Province near the Concordia mine with their mules.

  • Re: The humble mule wins?Vince Garcia, Sat Apr 14 4:17pm
    I guess mules can move pretty good then, especially when you have an abusive guy like SD driving them to the limit if he wants to. In any event, i see no reason why to be Butch and SD they would have ... more
    • Re: The humble mule wins? — Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 6:45pm
      • Mule PhotoChrisV, Sun Apr 15 6:33am
        You can not tell who is in that photos except that there are mules and not horses. Could be anyone.
        • Re: Mule PhotoDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 6:56am
          Chris, Best to look at the big picture, so speak. Sometimes provenance -- that is, information about the date and location of the photo and identity of the people depicted -- trumps resolution.... more
          • Re: Mule PhotoChrisV, Sun Apr 15 7:09am
            Sorry Dan, I dont accept it as proof. Could it be them? Yes, it could because I can't really tell who anyone is in the photo. Could it be someone else....of course and probably is
            • Re: Mule PhotoDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 7:44am
              Chris, We're talking evidence, not proof. Evidence is what you gather, the building blocks, that help you reach a conclusion, tentative or otherwise. The history of the photo, the date, the location, ... more
              • Re: Mule PhotoChrisV, Sun Apr 15 8:29am
                Two mules have been identified. After that, could be anyone as I said earlier. Doesn't mean anything without the faces
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