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Simon Casson
Horses-Mules: hard country
Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:59am

Bones was a horse lent by Tom Klumker, an old friend/packer/outfitter from Glenwood - neighbors to the McKeens at the Wilson-Stevens (WS Ranch). A tremendous mare, with huge stamina and an excellent pack-horse trained by Tom. Very sure-footed, hard as nails - as our book tells. Plenty of outfitters that breed from own selected stock will attest to having "clear-footed" horse. Luck of the draw, good lines, selection and training. Mules are better if you're packing daily as they'll take the punishment. Revert to the military.

  • Two Mules for Two FoolsChrisV, Thu Apr 12 5:37am
    Vince you act like horses can't do anything. I live in pretty rocky harsh terrain, horses get up the mountain just fine. Let me ask a serious question for Dan. Was the posse that was looking for the... more
    • Horses-Mules: hard country — Simon Casson, Sun Apr 15 5:59am
      • Re: Horses-Mules: hard countryChrisV, Sun Apr 15 7:30am
        What a great name lol. Again, I agree mules are great for packing. For riding and specifically escaping, depending on the terrain, a horse would be better in certain situations. best, Chris
    • who is being mulish?Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 12 6:12am
      Chris, Riding a mule in the Bolivian Andes was common for a variety of reasons. Your arguing that Cassidy and Sundance would have been foolish to ride mules in the Andes flies in the face of the... more
    • Re: Two Mules for Two FoolsDaniel Buck, Thu Apr 12 6:00am
      Chris, there were a number of posses looking for the Aramayo bandits, but no information that I recall about what kinds of mounts the members of the posses were riding. Could have been mules, horses, ... more
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