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Re: Sundance's Monograms
Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:15am

I dont have my sources here to say Vince. Wasn't there something Pinkertons put out on it? Along with him liking Ralston cereal?
As far as GIs doing that during the war. You bring up a good point. I collect WWII items and many have initials, on their items. Adds to the history of the item and occasionally you can track down who it belonged to. But to say they stopped doing it after the war is something we dont know. They may have stopped..Maybe not. My Grandpa who was in WWII put his name in paint on just about everything he owned. Not sure if it was because of doing it in war or he just wanted to keep track of his tools etc... I would think if Sundance had a habit of doing this, we would have found initials on the items they found at San Vicente if it were him.

  • Re: Sundance's MonogramsVince Garcia, Sat Apr 14 6:17pm
    Wasn't he supposedly monogramming things when he was ranching and living/working (maybe in a bunkhouse) with other men? A similar thing is done by GIs when they are in the army barracks but they... more
    • Re: Sundance's MonogramsBob Goodwin, Thu Apr 19 5:45am
      The Frank Hadsell papers scribbled in Hadsell's daybook for 1902 has what the Pinkertons probably used as their description for Longabaugh. "Harry Longbaugh alias Frank Jones. German decent age 34, 5 ... more
      • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Thu Apr 19 6:16am
        Bob, Interesting. Who got what from whom is the question, or are they separate observations? The undated "Chas Ayers" card in the Pinkerton files is similar but some differences. Donna Ersnt (2009),... more
    • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 11:20am
      Vince, scribbled on an small card in the Pinkerton files are some undated, handwritten notes, titled " Desc Harry/Alonzo from Chas. Ayers Dixon, Wyo." Among the notes: "Marks his clothes 'H.L.' with... more
      • Re: Sundance's MonogramsChrisV, Mon Apr 16 5:05am
        Wish they would have taken a better inventory. Im assuming all items have been lost to time. The binoculars intrigue me as they are expensive and most people I know even today mark them so people... more
        • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 16 5:34am
          Chris, as I've pointed out before, the shorter vs. taller observations came from Remigio Sánchez, the eyewitness who saw them when they arrived in San Vicente. I think it's reasonable to conclude... more
          • Re: Sundance's MonogramsChrisV, Mon Apr 16 5:38am
            ok. Still not a big enough difference to categorize one as tall and one as short IMO but Im sure you will disagree which is fine.
            • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 16 5:56am
              Chris, We don't know exactly how tall BC&SK actually were, in bare feet, shoes, or boots (or stilletos), so the discussion is a bit theoretical. That said, if the difference was two inches, that's... more
    • Re: Sundance's Monograms — ChrisV, Sun Apr 15 7:15am
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