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Re: Sundance's Monograms
Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:05am

Wish they would have taken a better inventory. Im assuming all items have been lost to time. The binoculars intrigue me as they are expensive and most people I know even today mark them so people know they are their property

The height of SK being 5'10 and Butch being 5'8 hardly qualifies terms like the "tall one" and "short one" Google 5'10 vs 5'8 you can see what little difference there is. Add to that they are dead and laying on the ground it would be very hard to even notice one was taller and one shorter

In researching the FW5 photo and using BenK height of 5'11 3/8 I think it is acceptable to say Sundance would be around 5'10. Butch Id say is closer to 5'9 but 5'8 would be in the ballpark

  • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 11:20am
    Vince, scribbled on an small card in the Pinkerton files are some undated, handwritten notes, titled " Desc Harry/Alonzo from Chas. Ayers Dixon, Wyo." Among the notes: "Marks his clothes 'H.L.' with... more
    • Re: Sundance's Monograms — ChrisV, Mon Apr 16 5:05am
      • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 16 5:34am
        Chris, as I've pointed out before, the shorter vs. taller observations came from Remigio Sánchez, the eyewitness who saw them when they arrived in San Vicente. I think it's reasonable to conclude... more
        • Re: Sundance's MonogramsChrisV, Mon Apr 16 5:38am
          ok. Still not a big enough difference to categorize one as tall and one as short IMO but Im sure you will disagree which is fine.
          • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 16 5:56am
            Chris, We don't know exactly how tall BC&SK actually were, in bare feet, shoes, or boots (or stilletos), so the discussion is a bit theoretical. That said, if the difference was two inches, that's... more
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