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Re: Sundance's Monograms
Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:38am

ok. Still not a big enough difference to categorize one as tall and one as short IMO but Im sure you will disagree which is fine.

  • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 16 5:34am
    Chris, as I've pointed out before, the shorter vs. taller observations came from Remigio Sánchez, the eyewitness who saw them when they arrived in San Vicente. I think it's reasonable to conclude... more
    • Re: Sundance's Monograms — ChrisV, Mon Apr 16 5:38am
      • Re: Sundance's MonogramsDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 16 5:56am
        Chris, We don't know exactly how tall BC&SK actually were, in bare feet, shoes, or boots (or stilletos), so the discussion is a bit theoretical. That said, if the difference was two inches, that's... more
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