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Daniel Buck
Re: Sundance's Monograms
Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:56am

We don't know exactly how tall BC&SK actually were, in bare feet, shoes, or boots (or stilletos), so the discussion is a bit theoretical.

That said, if the difference was two inches, that's enough to distinguish one bandit from the other, which is what Remigio Sánchez did.

What he said was that one was taller. With regards to the other one he used the phrase "él más chico," which as I pointed out earlier, could mean shorter, smaller in body size, or both. Given the context of the comparison, probably he meant shorter. An eyewitness looking at two men, one of whom is two inches shorter than the other, is capable of such judgements. Dan

  • Re: Sundance's MonogramsChrisV, Mon Apr 16 5:38am
    ok. Still not a big enough difference to categorize one as tall and one as short IMO but Im sure you will disagree which is fine.
    • Re: Sundance's Monograms — Daniel Buck, Mon Apr 16 5:56am
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