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Re: "medios ñatos," not pug noses.
Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:27am

Funny in the tea party photo it is a pug nose. Hmmmm.

Medios natos would not include a roman nose. Hmmmm

I think we all agree Fort Worth Five photo is Sundance. I think we all Agree the NY photo with Etta is Sundance. Correct?
If you believe that then Sundance can not be the guy in the Tea Party photo.

  • "medios ñatos," not pug noses. Daniel Buck, Sun Apr 29 9:11am
    Chris, Let's stick the the record: San Vicente eyewitness Remigio Sánchez described the two bandits' noses as "medios ñatos," not pug noses. Best, Dan
    • 1901 eyewitnessesneglib, Sun Apr 29 5:30pm
      Dan, What do the 1901 eyewitnesses in SOAM say about their noses? Best, Brett
    • Re: "medios ñatos," not pug noses. — ChrisV, Sun Apr 29 9:27am
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