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Take Your Own Advice Dan
Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:43pm

You need to take your own advice

One of many examples of your poor research is the Santiago Ryan signature published as authentic. Was DEBUNKED
.....and so on.

  • repeat after me: measure twice, cut onceDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 29 12:07pm
    Pat, Repeat after me: measure twice, cut once. Donna Ernst reproduced the tea party and jinetes photos in her 1992 book, Sundance My Uncle, published 25 years before she first went to Argentina. Dan... more
    • You have dementia DanPat, Mon Apr 30 8:22am
      You deny Lula or Jano but believe a lying thief like Donna because she is your friend. I still remember her coming up to Fremont country driving from Rock Springs right past me in Lander to my fiends ... more
      • tacos are North AmericanDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 30 9:13am
        Dear Pat, It's nice to know that the stroke has not affected your dyspepsia. Dan PS Tacos are a North American food, originally from Mexico, not South American. Details here,... more
    • Take Your Own Advice Dan — ChrisV, Sun Apr 29 12:43pm
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