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Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:53am

The Mogollon is on Fire. East of Payson . 8000 acres zero containment. In the area now of Strawberry. Heading to Snowflake and Slow low. 10 communities have been evacuated. Dear God please no!

    • The fireBob Goodwin, Tue May 1 7:01am
      It doesn't look good.. It has been growing quickly. Homes around Payson have been evacuated.
      • State of EmergencyPat, Tue May 1 10:06am
        It is now over 11,000 acres. They are showing some of the homes burned on TV. All those millions of ponderosa pines. It is zero contained.
        • This is normal for CaliforniaVince Garcia, Wed May 2 2:56am
          ...which is run by Liberals who believe grass and shrub should be allowed to grow wild and never be subject to controlled burning as they did when I was a kid, to prevent firestorms forming from... more
          • Really Vince ?Pat, Wed May 2 6:44am
            You are going to make wildfires about Liberals? Like Mark said you really are a dolt.
            • Vince - I never said you were a dolt for the record Mark Mszanski, Wed May 2 10:07pm
              Pat - You should try to reign in your anxieties. I realize making false statements is your MO. But give it a break -
              • For the recordBob Goodwin, Fri May 4 6:42am
                For the record, It was me that called Vince a dolt. I think more than once. Not actually meaning that Vince was a stupid person, only that I did not and could not understand how he came to certain... more
                • Holy Cow? Pat, Fri May 4 7:22am
                  Bob it was you? I never heard the word and remember I had to look it up. It doesn't matter as people call me worse LOL
              • I know you didn't. "Dolt" is in her lexicon. She tried to stir up trouble with this same lie a while back by saying Dan called me some insult, or vice versa, when I think she was referring to Colin... more
            • Re: Really Vince ?Vince Garcia, Wed May 2 5:13pm
              ABSOLUTELY! Conservatives have been screaming at Liberals and the Environmentalists over their policies of refusing to cull grasslands and dead trees for many years. That's why you hear about these... more
          • Re: This is normal for CaliforniaDaniel Buck, Wed May 2 4:50am
            Some useful background info: more
            • Re: This is normal for CaliforniaVince Garcia, Thu May 3 3:40am
              Whatever those sites say, what I say is accurate: the problem is the Environmentalist lobby that has this Jones about letting brush grow wild and not back-burning to mitigate the fuel for these... more
              • FactsPat, Thu May 3 8:36am
                Climate change has warmed temps. Made droughts. Men like the rich take the water for bottling. Or to water their estates. All the rich fat cats in the state will not cut back on the water. And why... more
                • Re: FactsVince Garcia, Thu May 3 4:47pm
                  As always, you're an expert on everything. Now you're an expert on climatology, forestry, fire fighting, the California Environmentalist movement and its influence, California politics, and you know... more
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