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Wed May 2, 2018 2:29pm

It would solve a bunch of problems. Assuming they are in SV. I am convinced that they were taken to Uyuni for burial.

And to Vince. The ones who would make the decision are the heads of state who take money under the table. Not the peons in SV.

  • Re: SVjim lynch, Wed May 2 1:32pm
    Then an expedition to SV would hopefully prove it one way or the other.
    • RE:SVBob Goodwin, Thu May 3 8:10am
      Why spend millions of dollars bribing officials and paying for an expedition, when, even if Butch and Sundance are both buried there, there would be less than a 1% chance they could locate the... more
      • RE:SVjim lynch, Thu May 3 8:48am
        There has been multiple millions spent on trips to the South Pacific looking for Amelia with probably less chance than that , but some progress has been made. It would seem to be up to the one... more
    • Yes — Pat, Wed May 2 2:29pm
      • Re: YesVince Garcia, Wed May 2 5:09pm
        good--cash talks then
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