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Vince Garcia
Re: Really Vince ?
Wed May 2, 2018 5:13pm

ABSOLUTELY! Conservatives have been screaming at Liberals and the Environmentalists over their policies of refusing to cull grasslands and dead trees for many years. That's why you hear about these California wildfires every year. We have superfires generated by endless supply of dead trees and overgrown grasslands because the Environmentalist lobby that controls the state wants everything "natural" and refuses to let anything be culled to prevent the fire danger.

Try living here and you can see the effects and hear about the issue for yourself. It gets brought up every fire season

when did mark call me a dolt?

  • Really Vince ?Pat, Wed May 2 6:44am
    You are going to make wildfires about Liberals? Like Mark said you really are a dolt.
    • Vince - I never said you were a dolt for the record Mark Mszanski, Wed May 2 10:07pm
      Pat - You should try to reign in your anxieties. I realize making false statements is your MO. But give it a break -
      • For the recordBob Goodwin, Fri May 4 6:42am
        For the record, It was me that called Vince a dolt. I think more than once. Not actually meaning that Vince was a stupid person, only that I did not and could not understand how he came to certain... more
        • Holy Cow? Pat, Fri May 4 7:22am
          Bob it was you? I never heard the word and remember I had to look it up. It doesn't matter as people call me worse LOL
      • I know you didn't. "Dolt" is in her lexicon. She tried to stir up trouble with this same lie a while back by saying Dan called me some insult, or vice versa, when I think she was referring to Colin... more
    • Re: Really Vince ? — Vince Garcia, Wed May 2 5:13pm
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