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Thu May 3, 2018 8:36am

Climate change has warmed temps. Made droughts. Men like the rich take the water for bottling. Or to water their estates.
All the rich fat cats in the state will not cut back on the water.
And why cut down the Redwoods?

  • Re: This is normal for CaliforniaVince Garcia, Thu May 3 3:40am
    Whatever those sites say, what I say is accurate: the problem is the Environmentalist lobby that has this Jones about letting brush grow wild and not back-burning to mitigate the fuel for these... more
    • Facts — Pat, Thu May 3 8:36am
      • Re: FactsVince Garcia, Thu May 3 4:47pm
        As always, you're an expert on everything. Now you're an expert on climatology, forestry, fire fighting, the California Environmentalist movement and its influence, California politics, and you know... more
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