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Re: Ann Bassett
Wed May 9, 2018 11:59pm

would be nice to see this photo.

I googled Tom Horn images and saw at least two which I think are not Tom Horn at all. One was used on a cover of a book and shows alleged Tom as a young man.

  • Ann BassettMark Robeson, Tue May 8 5:14pm
    I just got your book and was thumbing through it...on page 105 there is a picture of a cowboy horseback captioned as Tom this picture truely Tom Horn?
    • Re: Ann Bassett — Juha, Wed May 9 11:59pm
      • Agree JuhaPat, Thu May 10 7:52am
        This couple supposedly have another photo of Cruzan on a hose. Looks nothing like Cruzan .
        • Are these both Tom Horn? Really?Juha, Thu May 10 11:19pm
          This does not look Horn to me. Ears looklike his though. Same man as this which clearly IS Horn? Don't think so.... more
        • HelpfulPat, Thu May 10 8:58am
          Some people don't get the Tombstone Epitaph I like I do but this Hone picture is not in it . Others do not have the book for whatever reason , I do not, and can't see the photo. It would be nice to... more
          • Re helpful Mark Robeson, Thu May 10 3:01pm
            If you want to see the the book.
            • Not helpful. Pat, Thu May 10 4:03pm
              For a number of reasons I can't .
    • According to DanChrisV, Wed May 9 12:13pm
      Look for differences in the two photos. If you find they dont look alike, it must be the same person LOL
    • Just my opinionPat, Wed May 9 9:31am
      I do not think the pic is of Tom Horn under any alias. Perhaps an expert could look at it. One reason is that Horn was undercover at the time and would never have let anyone take is photo.
      • RE: Just my opinionLinda Wommack, Wed May 9 11:59am
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, according to the staff at the Museum of Northwest Colorado and Uintah County Museum, experts have looked at the photo. And Wallihan was an expert... more
        • Doesn't matter Pat, Wed May 9 1:31pm
          It needs to be authenticated by someone other than the local Co museums. They also took a photo of Cruzan too. We only have the word of the museums. Was the name written on back of photo? After all... more
    • RE: Ann BassettLinda Wommack, Wed May 9 5:40am
      According to A.G. Wallihan, a well-known photographer in northwest Colorado, it is Tom Horn. Wallihan and his wife both knew the man as his alia, Jim Hicks.
      • Ann Bassett Mark robeson, Wed May 9 3:03pm
        Thanks for the reply, loving the book.
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