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Fri May 11, 2018 10:28am

I would like your opinion on the Horn photo and also the Cruzan photo by same photographer who was 60 miles south of the action.

I also would like opinion from anyone on why an autopsy was not done on Rash and Dart. Since they could have seen the bullets used to do the killings.Especially in Dart's case.They just assumed it was Horn. Most of the men back in that time had lever action rifles.It could have been Hi Bernard.

Another question I have is that Linda claims in her book that Elzy Lay was a lifelong friend. This is not true. Elzy came from Ohio after 1885. He went north to Vernal and was in Burnt Fork ,WY by 1886 where he was running horses with McGinnis to AZ and back. He was with Warner, Meeks, John Henry , the Davis and others in Vernal . That's where he married Davis.I doubt the Bassett girls knew him at all .They invented most of this outlaw story .

    • Honesty and morals are now dead.Pat, Sun May 13 8:03am
      Recently an author posted and ad for her new book on OWR. Since it was posted on here there were questions offered by others . I asked questions and now Dan has now slammed me on other sites. He... more
      • Re: Honesty and morals are now dead.Vince Garcia, Sun May 13 10:28am
        Maybe he just doesn't want to respond to you because you attack and demean him on a daily basis. Did that occur to you?
        • No VincePat, Sun May 13 10:46am
          He attacked me on another FB page .He just doesn't want to answer the question because truthfully as it would get him in trouble with his buddy. It doesn't matter because I figured it out now. It's... more
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