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No Vince
Sun May 13, 2018 10:46am

He attacked me on another FB page .He just doesn't want to answer the question because truthfully as it would get him in trouble with his buddy.

It doesn't matter because I figured it out now. It's all fake news . History is dead. It's been taken over by a cabal that only wants people to believe what they post. Sort of like Fox news.

  • Re: Honesty and morals are now dead.Vince Garcia, Sun May 13 10:28am
    Maybe he just doesn't want to respond to you because you attack and demean him on a daily basis. Did that occur to you?
    • No Vince — Pat, Sun May 13 10:46am
      • Re: No VinceChrisV, Sun May 13 10:58am
        I think you mean CNN and MSNBC being fake news.
          • Of course he would. I figured as much. In Old west terms Id say he is YELLOW
            • For those who do not knowPat, Sun May 13 12:27pm
              Dan had attacked us on WWHA FB page 5 days ago in response to a post by Linda .She has me blocked so I could not see her post. But Dan replied it it by calling me a moron and a troll. Saying I hate... more
              • Re PatMark Robeson, Sun May 13 6:12pm
                Dan called you a moron and a trioll....because you act like a moron and a troll.
                • MarkBob Goodwin, Mon May 14 5:56am
                  Are you reducing yourself to name calling too?
                  • Thanks BobPat, Mon May 14 7:55am
                    It was my fault for asking a question on this forum from a supposed expert and then thinking I would get a serious answer. I won't ask ask any more.
                  • Re: MarkDaniel Buck, Mon May 14 6:21am
                    Bob, if you are going to play ref, you might start with the April 30 OWR post by the trolling moron in question, Pat Schroeder, who referred to a colleague as a "lying thief" -- an odd slur from... more
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