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For those who do not know
Sun May 13, 2018 12:27pm

Dan had attacked us on WWHA FB page 5 days ago in response to a post by Linda .She has me blocked so I could not see her post. But Dan replied it it by calling me a moron and a troll. Saying I hate WWHA , TW and English Westerners.None of that is true.

Dan could have answered the question on OWR but he chose to humiliate me on FB. I believe he owes me an apology.

  • Of course he would. I figured as much. In Old west terms Id say he is YELLOW
    • For those who do not know — Pat, Sun May 13 12:27pm
      • Re PatMark Robeson, Sun May 13 6:12pm
        Dan called you a moron and a trioll....because you act like a moron and a troll.
        • MarkBob Goodwin, Mon May 14 5:56am
          Are you reducing yourself to name calling too?
          • Thanks BobPat, Mon May 14 7:55am
            It was my fault for asking a question on this forum from a supposed expert and then thinking I would get a serious answer. I won't ask ask any more.
          • Re: MarkDaniel Buck, Mon May 14 6:21am
            Bob, if you are going to play ref, you might start with the April 30 OWR post by the trolling moron in question, Pat Schroeder, who referred to a colleague as a "lying thief" -- an odd slur from... more
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