Re: Tom Capehart = Sundace Kid/Jim Lowe = Butch Cassidy
Wed May 16, 2018 5:06am

Interesting. Your on to something

  • Tom Capehart = Sundace Kid/Jim Lowe = Butch CassidyVince Garcia, Tue May 15 5:55am
    December, 1905, Elza Lay had his sentence commuted and then, according to Wm. French, apparently visited and mentioned that "Tom Capehart" had gone to South America with "Jim Lowe." Then, in his... more
    • AlsoBob Goodwin, Wed May 16 6:05am
      Sundance, when he shows up in New Mexico late 1899 or early 1900 was going by the name Frank Scramble. Both Bob Lee and the Cunningham guy in Silver City both call him that.
    • re:FrenchBob Goodwin, Wed May 16 6:00am
      William French is not clear in his own mind who Tom Capehart was. From what French wrote, the Capehart he was referring to could have been the real Capehart, or Sundance, or Harvey Logan, or Will... more
      • re:FrenchVince Garcia, Wed May 16 5:05pm
        I can't speak to whether SD would have had to be part of the Folsom robbery to have been the TC French refers to after Lays' arrest. What I can say is that French says Lay first of all says that TC... more
        • TimelineBob Goodwin, Fri May 18 1:22pm
          The timeline for Sundance does not work out either for him being Tom Capehart. The Wilcox robbery, in which Sundace participated happened June 8 1899, The Folsom robbery, just over a month later on... more
          • Re: TimelineVince Garcia, Fri May 18 4:58pm
            The Wilcox aftermath is an interesting period. SD does go off the radar somewhat until 1900 that we know of him and where he is for sure. Was HE really the guy driving the horses w/Logan? We assume... more
            • Re:Bob Goodwin, Sat May 19 7:08am
              Vince after re-reading your comments, and looking into what French wrote, some observations and questions arise for you to consider. First of all, it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to... more
              • Re:Vince Garcia, Sat May 19 1:52pm
                "it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to South America, not the other way around, and that it was TC who went, with him" yes. That was what I have been saying, right? Lay visited him and... more
      • re:FrenchDaniel Buck, Wed May 16 6:21am
        Bob, Good observations. Tom Capehart is a vexed character in Wild Bunch history, confused repeatedly with other outlaws -- Cassidy, Sundance, Logan, Carver & Lay, among others -- and written up by... more
    • Re: Tom Capehart = Sundace Kid/Jim Lowe = Butch Cassidy — ChrisV, Wed May 16 5:06am
      • Grammar PoliceNicholas, Wed May 16 1:22pm
        I hate to be the grammar police because I don't belong to that political party. Come on Chris. You work at a school. You educate for a living. You don't know how to spell "You're"? Or is that some... more
        • Re: Grammar PoliceVince Garcia, Wed May 16 5:10pm
          You are absolutely right--the photos do not look alike at all! But the photo and illustration in the Knoxville paper DO look very similar if lined up side by side.
        • Re: Grammar PoliceChrisV, Wed May 16 1:53pm
          Nicholas, Thanks for the comment. If you want to play grammar police, you can start with Mark's Fiction on the High Seas article. Then, move onto Dan's articles that have multiple issues. best, Chris
        • KRBNicholas, Wed May 16 1:40pm
          I am not a fan of KRB. Kerry says that the one killed at Parachute is Jim York from Texas. I couldn't find him. Who is this Jim York? I do like answers. I feel a need to explain my skepticism remark... more
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