Grammar Police
Wed May 16, 2018 1:22pm

I hate to be the grammar police because I don't belong to that political party. Come on Chris. You work at a school. You educate for a living. You don't know how to spell "You're"? Or is that some kind of tech, internet abbreviation lingo? Like 2 instead of too or u instead of you or r instead of are.

Who is to say that Harvey Logan died at Parachute? Besides Dan and those who take what he says as gospel? Who is to say that Harvey did not go to South America? So many rumors. Unfounded skepticism is not healthy or accurate. The pictures of the one who shot himself at Parachute look nothing like Harvey Logan. I am not an expert on facial recognition but that's not even close and the photos aren't that bad.

  • Interesting. Your on to something
    • Grammar Police — Nicholas, Wed May 16 1:22pm
      • Re: Grammar PoliceVince Garcia, Wed May 16 5:10pm
        You are absolutely right--the photos do not look alike at all! But the photo and illustration in the Knoxville paper DO look very similar if lined up side by side.
      • Re: Grammar PoliceChrisV, Wed May 16 1:53pm
        Nicholas, Thanks for the comment. If you want to play grammar police, you can start with Mark's Fiction on the High Seas article. Then, move onto Dan's articles that have multiple issues. best, Chris
      • KRBNicholas, Wed May 16 1:40pm
        I am not a fan of KRB. Kerry says that the one killed at Parachute is Jim York from Texas. I couldn't find him. Who is this Jim York? I do like answers. I feel a need to explain my skepticism remark... more
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