Vince Garcia
Wed May 16, 2018 5:05pm

I can't speak to whether SD would have had to be part of the Folsom robbery to have been the TC French refers to after Lays' arrest.

What I can say is that French says Lay first of all says that TC went to SA w/Jim Lowe/BC. We know 100% that was SD, not the "real" TC..

I can next say that French IDed him as one of the men in the FW 5 photo.

Since Logan's career is given in the article, that would reasonably exclude him as the TC who went to SA. Carver's career is not noted to so you could try to make him the TC referred to, but he is noted as dead, and his killing was reasonably big news French might have heard of and had no reason to think he had gone to SA.

But the article specifically says SD was in SA robbing a bank w/BC, so I can see no way we can tag any other member of the photo as the TC French knew but SD, who was mentioned as in SA.

The only other possibly viable candidate here would be, I suppose, Carver, but as noted there are so many problems w/trying to give him the prize I can't see any way to go there.

Now IF the "real" TC and SD were lookalikes, I can see the potential for confusion, but their descriptions do not seem close enough to mistake one for the other. So, regardless of other issues, I see no other conclusion in French's closing recollections on the WB here except that he is claiming that Lay first, and then he himself are IDing SD as TC.

  • re:FrenchBob Goodwin, Wed May 16 6:00am
    William French is not clear in his own mind who Tom Capehart was. From what French wrote, the Capehart he was referring to could have been the real Capehart, or Sundance, or Harvey Logan, or Will... more
    • re:French — Vince Garcia, Wed May 16 5:05pm
      • TimelineBob Goodwin, Fri May 18 1:22pm
        The timeline for Sundance does not work out either for him being Tom Capehart. The Wilcox robbery, in which Sundace participated happened June 8 1899, The Folsom robbery, just over a month later on... more
        • Re: TimelineVince Garcia, Fri May 18 4:58pm
          The Wilcox aftermath is an interesting period. SD does go off the radar somewhat until 1900 that we know of him and where he is for sure. Was HE really the guy driving the horses w/Logan? We assume... more
          • Re:Bob Goodwin, Sat May 19 7:08am
            Vince after re-reading your comments, and looking into what French wrote, some observations and questions arise for you to consider. First of all, it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to... more
            • Re:Vince Garcia, Sat May 19 1:52pm
              "it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to South America, not the other way around, and that it was TC who went, with him" yes. That was what I have been saying, right? Lay visited him and... more
    • re:FrenchDaniel Buck, Wed May 16 6:21am
      Bob, Good observations. Tom Capehart is a vexed character in Wild Bunch history, confused repeatedly with other outlaws -- Cassidy, Sundance, Logan, Carver & Lay, among others -- and written up by... more
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