Bob Goodwin
Fri May 18, 2018 1:22pm

The timeline for Sundance does not work out either for him being Tom Capehart. The Wilcox robbery, in which Sundace participated happened June 8 1899, The Folsom robbery, just over a month later on July 11 1899. Siringo was still chasing both Sundance and Logan through Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, back through Southern Colorado and on east at the time, while Tom Capehart was supposedly working for French and riding between Cimmaron and Alma. Sundance, as Frank Scramble does not show up around Alma until late fall or winter of 1899 where he meets up with Logan again in February, after having been in, or around, Galveston, Texas.

By chance, the timeline doesn't fit with the real Tom Capehart either. So the Tom Capehart that French was talking about was someone else, other that Sundance or the real Capehart.

French seems to play fast and loose with the names of the outlaws that he knew or worked for him.

  • re:FrenchVince Garcia, Wed May 16 5:05pm
    I can't speak to whether SD would have had to be part of the Folsom robbery to have been the TC French refers to after Lays' arrest. What I can say is that French says Lay first of all says that TC... more
    • Timeline — Bob Goodwin, Fri May 18 1:22pm
      • Re: TimelineVince Garcia, Fri May 18 4:58pm
        The Wilcox aftermath is an interesting period. SD does go off the radar somewhat until 1900 that we know of him and where he is for sure. Was HE really the guy driving the horses w/Logan? We assume... more
        • Re:Bob Goodwin, Sat May 19 7:08am
          Vince after re-reading your comments, and looking into what French wrote, some observations and questions arise for you to consider. First of all, it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to... more
          • Re:Vince Garcia, Sat May 19 1:52pm
            "it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to South America, not the other way around, and that it was TC who went, with him" yes. That was what I have been saying, right? Lay visited him and... more
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