Vince Garcia
Sat May 19, 2018 1:52pm

"it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to South America, not the other way around, and that it was TC who went, with him"

yes. That was what I have been saying, right? Lay visited him and told him Jim Lowe went to SA w/TC. But yes, we might wonder how he knew, but this is not a major issue. Butch had doubtless been talking about it by 1899 when Lay had still been hanging with him, and by 1900 the plan was solidly in place. But yes, we can speculate--and that's all it would be--that Lay knew nothing about it, heard from some cowboy/gang member after getting out who had bad info himself that Butch and Capehart had gone, and so on.

So Lay thus gives the wrong name based on bad info.

Possible but not provable and thus not a seamless answer to issue 1, tho

Then French gives bad info on the same man in question based on a bad memory/confusion after seeing the photo

This one is a lot harder. He's talking about a photo ID. Maybe I can pass off some claim of confusion to one claim. But I'd have to stretch to the breaking point to attribute both claims on the same man to confusion/bad memories

It's not that I have agenda here. Makes no difference to any theory of mine on anything. I'm just being as reasonable as I can based on what's being reported on two incidents and claims. The simplest answer is that both men seem to ID SD as TC for whatever reason even though that seems to leave some troubling questions.

"Second, French would have known SK as Scramble"

How do we know that for sure? No one's ever uncovered evidence of the Scramble name outside of Lee's claim that I'm aware of.

I once saw--and wish to heck I had copied it because I cannot now find it online again--a roster of cowboys who worked at the WS in that time period. FS was not on the list.

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    Vince after re-reading your comments, and looking into what French wrote, some observations and questions arise for you to consider. First of all, it was Lay that told French that Lowe had gone to... more
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