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Vince Garcia
Re: Horan & Sann related question
Sat May 19, 2018 5:22pm

" I wonder if he wore a bellhop uniform like Johnny Morris in the Philip Morris ads."

Bell Boy-oy! I got-a keep runnin' now.
Bell Boy-oy! Keep my lip bu'oned down.
Bell Boy-oy! Carry this baggage out.
Bell Boy-oy! Always running at someone's 'eel.
You know how I feel!
Always running at someone's 'eel...

  • Re: Horan & Sann related questionDaniel Buck, Sat May 19 1:04pm
    Juha, Some years ago Roy O'Dell and I batted around Laughing Dick Carey, aka Gaping Dick Carey, Laughing Sam Carey, Laughing Dick Casey, and possibly Stuttering Dick and Black Dick, although to no... more
    • Re: Horan & Sann related question — Vince Garcia, Sat May 19 5:22pm
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