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Thu May 24, 2018 12:59pm

Jesse James aka William Cole.

How about, aka William Andrews Clark? Maybe and maybe not, but it sure is an interesting story.

The net is full of info on William Andrews Clark as Jesse James. Talk about facial recognition. Compare photos.

They may not have claimed to be Jesse James but there are plenty of believers.

How about all the wannabes that want to be Etta Place?

  • Who was the greatest outlaw impersonator?Bob Goodwin, Wed May 23 7:39am
    So who was the greatest Old West Outlaw impersonator? Bushy Bill Roberts? J. Frank Dalton? or William T. Phillips? Hiram Beebe? List your choice and reasons to back it up.
    • Impersonator — Nicholas, Thu May 24 12:59pm
      • re: NicholasBob Goodwin, Fri May 25 5:38am
        Nicholas, Interesting stories for sure, but they do not fall into the category of impersonators as neither of them claimed, during their lifetimes that they were Jesse James. Also none of the Etta... more
        • Impersonator. Nicholas, Sun May 27 3:06pm
          Gee Bob. Sorry. I'll crawl back into my shell. Excuse me for living. If you read my post you'll see that I said that they likely didn't claim to be Jesse. I was just trying to add to your discussion. ... more
    • Re: Who was the greatest outlaw impersonator?ChrisV, Wed May 23 6:59pm
      Its got to be the two dead robbers in San Vicente. Fat, upturn nose, tall, handsome guy and short, ugly, upturn nose guy. Though they weren't trying to impersonate anyone, bad research and groupthink ... more
    • Re: Who was the greatest outlaw impersonator?Vince Garcia, Wed May 23 4:40pm
      I have to say WTP. That Butch survived is still commonly believed by many, and will continue to be, because of him. Nothing short of DNA will quash the belief that he came back in the 1920s among the ... more
    • Re: Who was the greatest outlaw impersonator?Daniel Buck, Wed May 23 8:53am
      Bob, my blink reaction is none of them, because none of their charades stand up to much scrutiny. That said, William T. Phillips gets the nod for at least arguably conning people who knew Butch... more
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