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Bob Goodwin
re: Nicholas
Fri May 25, 2018 5:38am

Nicholas, Interesting stories for sure, but they do not fall into the category of impersonators as neither of them claimed, during their lifetimes that they were Jesse James. Also none of the Etta Place candidates claimed they were Place either. They were all long dead before anyone started promoting their respective claims to fame. Dalton, Bushy, and Phillips all claimed they were Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Butch Cassidy during their lifetimes, and each had their varying means by which they promoted themselves and fooled others.

  • ImpersonatorNicholas, Thu May 24 12:59pm
    Jesse James aka William Cole. How about, aka William... more
    • re: Nicholas — Bob Goodwin, Fri May 25 5:38am
      • Impersonator. Nicholas, Sun May 27 3:06pm
        Gee Bob. Sorry. I'll crawl back into my shell. Excuse me for living. If you read my post you'll see that I said that they likely didn't claim to be Jesse. I was just trying to add to your discussion. ... more
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