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Bob Goodwin
Pat Schroeder Accident
Fri May 25, 2018 3:04pm

To all:
Pat Schroeder suffered a major setback last Friday. She got up to answer the door and when she opened it she fell. Apparently she blacked out because she doesn't remember falling. Anyway, she landed right on her face. She broke her nose in three places, broker her upper right on (the side that she suffered the stroke on) and one of her finders in her left hand. They took her straight to the hospital, where they straightened her nose and and cheek, set her finger and tried to set her bone in her upper arm. She got out of the hospital yesterday, but is going back today, as they have had a hard time with her cast. Her arm has swollen up with blood making it difficult to cast it properly.

Anyway she is home for the moment as Medicare would only pay for so many days. She is going to have to go to a care and rehab center for a few weeks which she cannot afford. She may lose her apartment in the process. Her finances are really tight

Ayway, I thought everyone should know.

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