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gobby git
Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirs
Sat May 26, 2018 2:49pm

Lissa ... this stuff is really interesting and needs getting out there somehow ... with mention of both the Youngers and Daltons, I'm certain that lots of people would also be interested ... it might be out of the scope of interest on a mainly Utah and Wyoming site ... I'd like to hear more ... sorry I can't be of any further help as I'm in the UK ...

  • Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirsLissa, Sat May 26 1:54pm
    About a week afterwards he brought in a man by the name of Taylor, one of Belle Starís gang. West was a U.S. Marshall under the Indian agent. He got a tip that Taylor was coming up from Texas, so... more
    • Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirs — gobby git, Sat May 26 2:49pm
      • Re: Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirslissa, Sun May 27 9:37am
        I agree and am working on doing just that. Right now I am adding footnotes to identify everyone that he mentions. I am also adding maps, does anyone know where Younger's Bend was located? Once I am... more
        • Re: Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirsgobby git, Sun May 27 2:29pm
          Wonderful ... best of luck with it ... The land is private property, so all visitors enter at their own risk. Took Hwy 40 west from Fort Smith. Took exit 278 Turned left onto Hwy 2 thru Porum to... more
          • Re: Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirsChrisV, Sun May 27 2:47pm
            Being a property owner, I don't think I would want someone on the internet giving directions to find a grave on my property. Id have the webmaster delete this message asap
            • Re: Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirsgobby git, Tue May 29 3:24am
              Chris ... jolly good show ... while YOU ARE here ... would you give the examples of Dan's articles that have multiple issues? ... I've always found him extremely punctilious ... pip pip, cheerio and... more
              • Playing the freshman teamChrisV, Tue May 29 5:23am
                Usually I only play against the varsity, but Ill make an exception in your case Leaving Cholila - Date is wrong for Ryan and Clark document. Should be Dec 30, 1904. Listed as Dec. 4, 1905 Leaving... more
                • Playing the freshman teamgobby git, Tue May 29 5:35am
                  Chris ... apologies if I've mislead ... my quote was from "If you want to play grammar police" ... I realised Dan was at a dead end when Clyde Snow visited Cholila on TV in the nineties ... the... more
              • Re: Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirsChrisV, Tue May 29 4:48am
                Sure buddy. Why don't you check the Santiago Ryan signature that he posted as authentic. Its fake. Ill start listing other mistakes when I get a chance, but it will be today..
            • Re: Excerpt from my gg uncles memoirsgobby git, Mon May 28 2:30am
              It's all readily available on Google ... at least a page of links ... none of which I used ... there's even a Facebook and TripAdvisor page ...
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