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Bob Goodwin
Denver Newspapers
Fri Jun 1, 2018 10:31am

No, I have never been to the Denver Public Library to look at their newspaper archives. Most newspapers from Colorado are included in the Colorado Historical Newspapers archives. Most of the others are at one or more of the subscription newspaper websites, ie Genealogy Newsbank,, Newspaper Archives, etc. The notable exception is the Denver Rocky Mountain News. It's back issues are at the Denver Public Library, and as Linda already stated are in the process of being digitized. The DPL obtained the RMN archives after the paper went out of business. I was talking with Larry Ball earlier this year, and he mentioned that the paper included a lot news from all over the Intermountain West, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho and Montana. So searching the RMN would be a good idea. I am considering going there for my Joe Chancellor research and search their back issues.

Several sites have early issues of the RMN up to about 1879, but they are not of much use to Wild Bunch research.

The Tom O'Day clipping was, I am assuming is from his 1903 arrest for horse stealing episode. Many articles were written on this I think it is humorous that by 1903 he was being termed as a "Famous Outlaw"

  • BobVince Garcia, Thu May 31 7:31pm
    Bib--have you ever gone to the Denver public library to check the old newspapers to see if they have any useful info on the WB? I recall one paper had a humorous cartoon of O'Day being guarded... more
    • Denver Newspapers — Bob Goodwin, Fri Jun 1 10:31am
      • Re: Denver NewspapersVince Garcia, Tue Jun 5 8:36am
        Yes, from 1903. One of the Wyoming papers mentioned the Denver paper had a sarcastic cartoon about the outlaws trying to bust him out of jail, or something to that efefct. I'd love to see the... more
    • Denver Public LibraryLinda Wommack, Fri Jun 1 5:34am
      Vince - The Denver Public Library now houses the archives of the Rocky Mountain News. There is a treasure trove of information available although I do not know what is specific to WB. They are... more
      • Re: Denver Public LibraryVince Garcia, Fri Jun 1 8:47am
        That's great to hear. We now have, like, a less-than-$100 one-way flight there every week. I may try going there for a visit once I retire
        • Re: Denver Public LibraryDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 1 9:03am
 Two digital sites I'm aware of that hold Rocky Mountain News runs are Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection, 1860-1879,... more
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