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Vince Garcia
Was the dog mystery solved??
Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:39pm

During the Wilcox robbery a dog jumped out of a door in a baggage car when the robbers opened it, and ran off. it was seen the next day but could not be coaxed back to the train. No word of it was made mention of after that.

But...I have found a 1922 paper that claims the dog turned up at a ranch 20 miles from the robbery site.

Has this enduring mystery finally been solved? :)

It's always kinda dangerous to trust a newspaper from 20+ years after the event, but it's an interesting claim.

    • Re: Was the dog mystery solved??Deborah, Tue Jul 31 8:38pm
      The few times I read of animal abuse caused either directly or indirectly by BC&TSK such as this or shooting a horse, it makes me hate their damned criminal guts.
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