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Vince Garcia
Another point on the Logan Laramie sighting.
Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:35pm

Continuing to play devil's advocate, I wanted to add a note about the second alleged Logan sighting in 1905, just after the four gamblers claimed to see him a few days earlier. The paper notes the witness from "Hole in the Wall country" in this case makes the interesting point that the man he IDed as Logan was carrying a 2-gun rig. This is more indicative of a gunfighter or outlaw rather than an ordinary cowboy. As some (partially right) people like to point out, cowboys wearing guns wasn’t that common to start with*, and having a cowboy (or man of any sort) in Laramie with a 2-gun rig implies this was not an ordinary guy (who should have been satisfied with one gun), but someone prepared for some kind of trouble.

* Some ranches actually seemed to require the men to carry guns, the 2 Bar being one example. And apparently at least some cowboys from the WS carried them as well, since one account talks about Butch being insulted on the trail, and the witness expecting him to draw on the man disrespecting him. Presumably, both were armed.

    • Did 2-gun rigs really exist before the motion picture era started? I know there is controversy about buscadero style rigs and some might have existed based on some old photos, but 2-gun rigs?... more
      • Re: Another point on the Logan Laramie sighting.Vince Garcia, Mon Jun 18 2:28am
        They must have because the report says he had a gun "strapped to each hip." Not a hard thing to do--just use two holsters, though the left might face backwards unless they had left-handed holsters,... more
        • buscando buscaderoDaniel Buck, Mon Jun 18 5:58am
          Below is a letter I posted to True West back in 2006 re tangled roots of the word the word "buscadero" --do not recall if the letter was published -- followed by a later note to myself with more... more
          • Dan, please email...Deborah , Tue Jun 19 12:55pm
            Dan, we exchanged email a few years ago. I've lost your email address but hopefully you'll see this. I have questions. Thanks. P.S. I don't bite! Seems to be a lot of that here...
            • I will drop you a line (nm)Daniel Buck, Tue Jun 19 12:58pm
            • OopsDeborah , Tue Jun 19 12:56pm
              I thought my address would post but I don't see it. It is
          • Good Stuff Mark A Mszanski, Tue Jun 19 7:27am
            Dan, A monthly music magazine in Italy among the fray - A BIO Good Stuff - thanks for this . Sincerely,
            • Re: Good Stuff Daniel Buck, Tue Jun 19 12:35pm
              Thanks. The Italians have a long love affair with the American movie Western, Sergio Leone -- -- and all that. Dan
          • Re: buscando buscaderoVince Garcia, Mon Jun 18 5:01pm
            Fascinating. One holster site claims the holster originated in the 20s, which is what i had heard but I wouldn't know past what I've heard... more
            • Re: buscando buscaderoDaniel, Mon Jun 18 6:30pm
              Vince, Yes, I've seen that site. He has no source, but in any event we are dealing with two separate issues, the history of the rig itself, and the use of the word buscadero to describe it. The rig... more
              • Re: buscando buscaderoVince Garcia, Mon Jun 18 7:24pm
                I can say this--i have owned or seen many, many 1890s/early 1900s holsters. I have never seen a Buscadero from that era
        • I would have thought Logan was a kind of guy who would have preferred a shoulder holster as a back up - perhaps a modern Colt Model 1903 pistol pocket hammerless - in order to squeeze off a few... more
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