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Re: buscando buscadero
Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:30pm

Yes, I've seen that site. He has no source, but in any event we are dealing with two separate issues, the history of the rig itself, and the use of the word buscadero to describe it.

The rig could easily predate the name. Would be interesting to look at ealy 1900s border cowboy photographs and early 1900s Western silents to see if the rig shows up. Dan

  • Re: buscando buscaderoVince Garcia, Mon Jun 18 5:01pm
    Fascinating. One holster site claims the holster originated in the 20s, which is what i had heard but I wouldn't know past what I've heard... more
    • Re: buscando buscadero — Daniel, Mon Jun 18 6:30pm
      • Re: buscando buscaderoVince Garcia, Mon Jun 18 7:24pm
        I can say this--i have owned or seen many, many 1890s/early 1900s holsters. I have never seen a Buscadero from that era
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