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Bob Goodwin
Pat Schroeder heart attack
Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:55am

Pat told me that once someone told her that it would take a stake in the heart to kill her. Well, she thinks that she has survived that too.Last Sunday (June 17) Pat suffered a major heart attack. She has been in the hospital in Casper for the past week and has had to undergo two heart operations. one to put a stent in on Monday, and another to fix the stent after it burst. She is doing well and is expecting to go into the rehab center sometime this week.
Her plans are to stay there for a couple of weeks, and then move back home.
This is the third time in the past three months that she has had a major incident. First the stroke, then the fall and broken arm, and now the heart attack. She would like all of her friends to pray for her as she recovers. She is in good spirits.
Pat has been a long time contributor to both the WWHA and the Old West Rogues forum. Her knowledge of Wyoming outlaw history is second to none.

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