Vince Garcia
Also looked in 1922 catalogue
Fri Jul 6, 2018 7:48am

No Buscadero holster there either

  • More BuscaderoVince Garcia, Fri Jul 6 7:37am
    Was looking thru my 1895 Montgomery Ward catalogue today. In the guns section they had a variety of holsters. No Busacaderos. The best holster was called THE COWBOY, was made of heavy oiled red... more
    • Also looked in 1922 catalogue — Vince Garcia, Fri Jul 6 7:48am
      • And my conclusion at least to this point...Vince Garcia, Fri Jul 6 9:41am
        TW did an article on holsters and got into the debate somewhat, but I don't trust their articles unless Dan writes them, and they didn't settle it anyway. I conclude there is no question some... more
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