Vince Garcia
And my conclusion at least to this point...
Fri Jul 6, 2018 9:41am

TW did an article on holsters and got into the debate somewhat, but I don't trust their articles unless Dan writes them, and they didn't settle it anyway.

I conclude there is no question some cowboys/shootists must have called on leather workers to make them custom holsters that hung low to facilitate a quicker draw. It's only logical. But the true Buscadero rig we are acquainted with that commonly fits through a slit in the belt doesn't seem to exist that I can find before the opening era of cowboy movies, which is what the basic common claim is for the rig's genesis.

  • Also looked in 1922 catalogueVince Garcia, Fri Jul 6 7:48am
    No Buscadero holster there either
    • And my conclusion at least to this point... — Vince Garcia, Fri Jul 6 9:41am
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