Mark Mszanski
Maintenance and Tart with a Heart
Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:29am

There is possibly a little tongue and cheek in this saying - There are also biblical and Hindi attributes to what Cassidy supposedly said . I assume that Butch was familiar with the Bible to some degree ??

As per Donna 's comment , The whore with a heart - "The Hooker with a hear of gold " or "Heart of a whore" as in the old testament can mean a semi bad girl with attributes or traits that make them good. They are a paradox in their own right.

"The Tart with a heart" would have also been a saying in Victorian England . Heart Like a whore is not to be taken literally all the time as it could also mean she was corrupted to some degree but kind and virtuous - But we just do not know enough about Etta 's personal life to know if Cassidy was describing her moral character or referring to her as an actual whore. If Cassidy said this, it would have to be in context . We do not know the context entirely - We know she left and he could possibly have stated this as a compliment and a back handed statement in one swipe.

  • Re: High MaintenanceVince Garcia, Wed Jul 5 5:39pm
    How ever he meant it (assuming he said it at all, and the more time passes, the more I question whether Seibert even knew Butch and SD as Pat denies), the context of what Horan wrote about pretty... more
    • Re: High MaintenanceDeborah, Thu Jul 12 5:35pm
      I think that Butch's meaning was that Etta had no morals. Her involvement with criminals didn't exactly show her as a person of integrity in any area of her life.
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