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vince garcia
Kilpatrick trivia
Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:22pm

An interesting St Louis newspaper account indicates BK lightened his hair color and mustache between buying the watch and being caught soon after. It makes note of the fact that the description changed from brunette to "blonde." Supposedly, the blondish hair made some think he was BC initially, and while a detective had him under surveillance before others actually arrested him, the change in hair color confused him so he gave up the surveillance and others arrested him later at the cat house

The article does have a photo of BK in it as taken when arrested. Don't look all that blonde, but anyway, this is what they report

    • Re: Kilpatrick triviavince garcia, Sun Jul 15 4:07pm
      JC Elms, a hair dresser, gave Longbaugh a shampoo to remove the dye from his hair and mustache yesterday but it was not a success. The St. Louis Republic., November 09, 1901
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