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vince garcia
Strange Wagner discovery
Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:34pm

Maybe my memory is bad again, but I thought Messenger Smith was the one who was forced by Logan to enter the car with him, and LOGAN was the one who placed and lit the dynamite.

Not so, according to an interview with Smith two days after the robbery. In this interview he claims that firemen O'Neill all 3 times was forced to go into the car, place the dynamite and light the fuse, then go check the damage.

How this jibes with the claim that Logan was in there with smith and gave him his gun I am not sure. In my script of the robbery, I force them together at the end and do the gun gift, but smith makes no mention of bring given a gun in his July 5 interview...

I think Dan would smell a rat here

    • Re: Strange Wagner discoveryDaniel Buck, Wed Jul 18 5:28am
      Vince, Hard to smell anything one way or another without knowing more about said Smith interview -- e.g., where and when published -- and as well as reviewing other Wagner interviews, observations by ... more
      • Re: Strange Wagner discoveryvince garcia, Wed Jul 18 6:06am
        I am trying to re-check the old accounts. And indeed I am finding brief notations about the fireman being forced to act "slavey" by the robbers and assist in blowing the safes, though the june 5... more
        • Re: Strange Wagner discoveryDaniel Buck, Wed Jul 18 6:36am
          Vince, It would be good to line up all the eye-witness accounts to see how they vary. Most such accounts vary to one degree or another. More research required. Dan
          • Re: Strange Wagner discoveryChrisV, Wed Jul 18 6:56am
            Now your thinking. Lets line up all the eyewitnesses. How many of them saw Butch and Sundance there? Lets look at what Pinkertons have on Butch and Sundance being there. BTW How many eyewitnesses... more
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