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vince garcia
Re: Strange Wagner discovery
Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:06am

I am trying to re-check the old accounts. And indeed I am finding brief notations about the fireman being forced to act "slavey" by the robbers and assist in blowing the safes, though the june 5 interview is the most detailed flat out saying he alone was the one who was forced to dynamite the safes all 3 or 4 times.

Unfortunately, I am not as detailed in my knowledge of this robbery as Wilcox, so somehow in my earlier study of the robbery this fact either wasn't available by newspapers or I missed it. I'm going to say the knowledge wasn't clear on this before the paper w/Snith's interview became available because I have no memory of O'Neill being the one setting the dynamite; yet I was aware of Smith being in the car, being given a gun by Logan allegedly, etc., so it made it sound as if SMITH were the one being forced to help Logan rather than o'Neill.

Found one amusing factoid--a passenger heard BK (presumably) chide Logan for a bad shot when he fired at the cowboy on the hill and hit the ground in front of the horse, who said, "That was a bad shot--__I__ could do better than that!" So Logan climbed up on top the train platform for a better shot and then hit the horse.

  • Re: Strange Wagner discoveryDaniel Buck, Wed Jul 18 5:28am
    Vince, Hard to smell anything one way or another without knowing more about said Smith interview -- e.g., where and when published -- and as well as reviewing other Wagner interviews, observations by ... more
    • Re: Strange Wagner discovery — vince garcia, Wed Jul 18 6:06am
      • Re: Strange Wagner discoveryDaniel Buck, Wed Jul 18 6:36am
        Vince, It would be good to line up all the eye-witness accounts to see how they vary. Most such accounts vary to one degree or another. More research required. Dan
        • Re: Strange Wagner discoveryChrisV, Wed Jul 18 6:56am
          Now your thinking. Lets line up all the eyewitnesses. How many of them saw Butch and Sundance there? Lets look at what Pinkertons have on Butch and Sundance being there. BTW How many eyewitnesses... more
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