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vince garcia
Logan in Montana
Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:09pm

Just for the heck of it, I put together a list of towns I had note of that Logan was associated with in Montana, staying at, doing mischief at, or robbing to some degree. If I left anyplace out, let me know. I'm sure it's not complete.

Havre, Landusky, Wagner, Malta, Missoula, Red Lodge, Zortman, Chinook, Gilette, Great Falls, Kemmerer, Big Piney, Hinsdale, Harlem, Granger, Green River, Glasgow, Anaconda, Benton, Cripple Creek, Yantic, Culbertson

    • CorrectionChrisV, Mon Jul 23 7:03pm
      Vince, Kemmerer, Big Piney, and Green River are all Wyoming towns. Not Montana correct? best, Chris
      • Re: Correctionvince garcia, Tue Jul 24 3:58am
        Granger too, now I think about it, was a Wyoming town so I'll set the record straight on that too
      • Re: Correctionvince garcia, Tue Jul 24 3:24am
        You are right! I was I was going by memory on some, and in the case of Big Piney I was confusing that one in my head with Wolton because they were related robberies allegedly (though that one is... more
        • Re: Correctionvince garcia, Tue Jul 24 3:31am
          But then Wolton is also in Wyoming too, so I was still confused on both. My memory always sucks anymore. It took me 45 mins to remember my niece's name a while back
          • Anne Bassett Colorado's Cattle QueenMark A Mszanski, Tue Jul 24 8:51am
            Linda - I finally read your book . Time is not on my side these days so I have not been able to get back to you . I loved it . Bravo . It was really well done and I was able to understand the (why)... more
            • Maybe Start a New Thread Mark*ChrisV, Tue Jul 24 9:02am
              I know you have issues buddy, such as not knowing the difference between continents, but maybe you ought to start a new thread. This thread is not about a book review.
          • Re: CorrectionChrisV, Tue Jul 24 6:22am
            No.problem buddy.
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