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Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:03pm

Kemmerer, Big Piney, and Green River are all Wyoming towns. Not Montana correct?

  • Logan in Montanavince garcia, Mon Jul 23 1:09pm
    Just for the heck of it, I put together a list of towns I had note of that Logan was associated with in Montana, staying at, doing mischief at, or robbing to some degree. If I left anyplace out, let... more
    • Correction — ChrisV, Mon Jul 23 7:03pm
      • Re: Correctionvince garcia, Tue Jul 24 3:58am
        Granger too, now I think about it, was a Wyoming town so I'll set the record straight on that too
      • Re: Correctionvince garcia, Tue Jul 24 3:24am
        You are right! I was I was going by memory on some, and in the case of Big Piney I was confusing that one in my head with Wolton because they were related robberies allegedly (though that one is... more
        • Re: Correctionvince garcia, Tue Jul 24 3:31am
          But then Wolton is also in Wyoming too, so I was still confused on both. My memory always sucks anymore. It took me 45 mins to remember my niece's name a while back
          • Anne Bassett Colorado's Cattle QueenMark A Mszanski, Tue Jul 24 8:51am
            Linda - I finally read your book . Time is not on my side these days so I have not been able to get back to you . I loved it . Bravo . It was really well done and I was able to understand the (why)... more
            • Maybe Start a New Thread Mark*ChrisV, Tue Jul 24 9:02am
              I know you have issues buddy, such as not knowing the difference between continents, but maybe you ought to start a new thread. This thread is not about a book review.
          • Re: CorrectionChrisV, Tue Jul 24 6:22am
            No.problem buddy.
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