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Clement Rollo Glass
Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:50am

I had over 350 pages of research records and much more. Sent to Mike.

Rollo was manager of Condia mine and owned Mining and mules.

He was threatened by outlaws. Tk off in a hurry . Left Percy in charge.. Abandoned his wife and kids.

Went to Antofagasta, Chile to take a ship to Buenos Aires. Got scared by something and instead went overland by train to BA. Both Sundance and Butch were in Antofagasta.

Within 6 weeks he was murdered after the SV shootout. Robbed of all his weapons, and 2,000 Bolivianos. All that was sent to family was his watch.

Percy cheated the wife and kids out of insurance money.Stole everything from Glass office in La Paz.

Youns 9 yr old son sent to San F to uncles . Taken there by 2 men who then went on to LA. Never found again.

Boy grew up and married and died in LA never to have been questioned by anyone.

    • New TacticsChrisV, Sun Aug 19 6:51am
      Daddy has told everyone to "stay off of OWR...Its too dangerous for me there. We can discuss via email, facebook, etc..." Thats what cowards do, they hide. Ive asked Dan at least a half dozen sincere ... more
      • Give it a restPat, Mon Aug 20 12:37pm
        Dan may be ill or traveling. He is allowed his theory as are the rest of us.
      • Re: New TacticsDeborah, Sun Aug 19 10:50am
        One can only laugh at this comment. And a new picture of Butch that you don't post. Hilarious.
      • How do you know this?Pat, Sun Aug 19 10:25am
        They may have gone to another site. Who cares? Have you seen the newest photo of Butch. I sent it to you. It is him . Proves he never died in SV
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