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Give it a rest
Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:37pm

Dan may be ill or traveling. He is allowed his theory as are the rest of us.

  • New TacticsChrisV, Sun Aug 19 6:51am
    Daddy has told everyone to "stay off of OWR...Its too dangerous for me there. We can discuss via email, facebook, etc..." Thats what cowards do, they hide. Ive asked Dan at least a half dozen sincere ... more
    • Give it a rest — Pat, Mon Aug 20 12:37pm
    • How do you know this?Pat, Sun Aug 19 10:25am
      They may have gone to another site. Who cares? Have you seen the newest photo of Butch. I sent it to you. It is him . Proves he never died in SV
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