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vince garcia
The "OTHER" Hole in the Wall Gang
Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:07am

At least, it's the other noteworthy one. You're aware of it if you ever saw the DeNiro movie CASINO. The gang in question was the operatives under Joe Pesci's character, Frank Spilotro, a mid-level Mafia enforcer sent to Vegas by the Chicago Syndicate to oversee the Mob's interests there. Deciding to branch out on his own, he assembled a team that did, among other things, burglaries of high-end homes, avoiding burglar alarms by sledge hammering their way through the walls of the homes, earning them the nickname, "The Hole in the Wall Gang."

As the movie showed, Spilotro made bad choices including threatening two cops, trying to bomb DeNiro's character, and now, having become became too visible to Law Enforcement, his gang got caught, and the bosses feared one of them was going to turn Michael Cohen on the Syndicate (he did), and the bosses being nervous and blaming him, Spilotro and his brother were beat/kicked to death and buried alive in a cornfield.

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