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Diet Coke
Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:53am

Maybe he didn't get his Diet Coke fix for the day or he wasn't using his favorite fountain pen, or maybe he signed with his eyes closed. Take your pick.

  • Ryan's Handwriting Two Weeks ApartChrisV, Tue Aug 28 3:03pm
    Two samples of Ryan's handwriting from a April 19, 1905 document (bottom) and a May 1, 1905 document (Top). In each document, a person writes the words “Dan Gibbon”. Doesn't look like the penmanship... more
    • The Ryan SigaturesChrisV, Wed Aug 29 3:00pm
      Top comes from the May 1905 Middle is the DEBUNKED Santiago Ryan Bottom April 1905 For now, we can leave out that he calls himself Santiago one week and then JP the next In the May 1905 Santiago... more
    • Re: Ryan's Handwriting Two Weeks ApartDeborah, Wed Aug 29 12:00pm
      They look basically the same. Gibbon more than Dan. My signature is absolutely never identical. Especially as I grow older.
      • The Two Full DocumentsChrisV, Wed Aug 29 4:13pm
        Study them. Look at the crazy loops in the May document. Look like something Ryan would do? Compare the words "to" and "the" They do not look like the other documents. Theres more, but ill let you... more
        • Re: The Two Full DocumentsChrisV, Wed Aug 29 4:14pm
          Pics from Leaving Cholila Buck and Meadows
          • Habitual FormationsChrisV, Wed Aug 29 5:51pm
            Comparing the May 1, 1905 document's word "to" to the Aug 1902 document's word "to" Seems the person writing "to" in the May doc. is confused. Only writes "to" twice, but neither comes close to... more
            • Wyo State Archives Butch Sig.ChrisV, Thu Aug 30 5:14am
              For people who haven't seen. Butch's signature at the Wy State Archives. IMO authentic.
      • Re: Ryan's Handwriting Two Weeks Apartvince garcia, Wed Aug 29 2:26pm
        That was my initial thought but it would be wrong to dismiss Chris' point out of hand. While they look similar in some ways overall to me as well, clearly there are also noteworthiness differences.... more
        • graphologist vs. questioned document examinerDaniel Buck, Wed Aug 29 3:48pm
          Vince, no one is dismissing anyone's point out of hand -- heaven help us, this is OWR after all -- but I did get a serious chuckle out of attempts to balloon cherry-picked handwriting variations... more
          • Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examinervince garcia, Wed Aug 29 4:58pm
            But again--they do look reasonably close overall. So I would ask: What do the rest of the documents look like for comparison? Do both docs have a lot of questionable penmanship, or is the sig the... more
            • Vince, I have to say you are making sense. I agree pretty much with everything you just said. If you don't have the other documents I can email them to you. They all for the most part look similar at ... more
              • Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examinervince garcia, Wed Aug 29 6:38pm
                No, my eyes are so bad and me so unqualified I don't think I could judge intelligently. I did look at the photos you posted and thought, again, they looked similar at a glance but not necessarily in... more
                • Gotcha I, you, and others, just want history to be as factual as possible. The owner of the published documents needs to be responsible and have them analyzed. We want history to be as factual as... more
          • Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examinervince garcia, Wed Aug 29 4:53pm
            I forget or don't know what the term is for a handwriting expert. But you get what I mean My concern is based on having seen quite a bit of episodes of PAWN STARS where they bring in the autograph... more
            • But these aren't autographs.
              • autographs vs. signaturesDaniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 3:35am
                Deborah, good observation, the difference between autographs and signatures, though the words are often informally used interchangeably. Pawn Stars, which I watch occasionally, is of course a... more
              • Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examinervince garcia, Thu Aug 30 3:30am
                Yes they are. They're signatures. Same exact thing.
                • When I visit an elderly friend in the nursing home where she lives I must sign in at the desk before my visit. In no way is my style of writing signing a check for example, the same as my sign-in... more
                  • Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examinervince garcia, Thu Aug 30 5:57pm
                    That's really irrelevant. The point is, the way a person signs their name--if they are famous--has certain characteristics. Now if it so happens that they sign docs differently than fan letters (I... more
                    • Air Jordans vs mortgage applicationsDaniel Buck, Fri Aug 31 4:56am
                      Vince, I'm not sure that we all have any real disagreement here. Autographs and signatures are often different, and questioned document examiners understand that. The way Michael Jordan (notice I... more
                • I agree (nm)ChrisV, Thu Aug 30 4:13am
                • yes & noDaniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 3:44am
                  Vince, our posts crossed in the Internet, so to speak. Are autographs signatures; are signatures autographs? The correct answer is, as in so many cases, yes and no. They each represent a person's... more
                  • Re: yes & noDeborah, Thu Aug 30 10:19am
                  • Expert in EverythingChrisV, Thu Aug 30 4:46am
                    Dan is the only person on earth who is an expert in everything, yet cant answer simple questions about the Wild Bunch. Why did you debunk the Santiago Ryan signature (chestnut stallion receipt ) ?
          • You don't know what the point is......Really? Go back and read my posts. Ill spell it out for you since your slow. These documents are not done by the same person. Want to prove me wrong? Hire... more
            • let's not have kittens, bad for the health (nm)Daniel Buck, Wed Aug 29 4:03pm
              • kittens scratchneglib, Wed Aug 29 4:47pm
                Dan, Chris has a good points that makes me chuckle too. Heaven forbid for inquiry. Address his points rather than replying with a non-answer and then we all can learn and move on. Regards, Brett
              • Clever comebackChrisV, Wed Aug 29 4:17pm
                Thats right come up with a clever comeback and runaway. Id spend my time trying to explain myself
      • Re: Ryan's Handwriting Two Weeks ApartDaniel Buck, Wed Aug 29 1:06pm
        Deborah, That is correct. not even one's own signatures are necessarily identical. One of the basic principles of handwriting is that it varies, even within the same document and among different... more
      • Re: Ryan's Handwriting Two Weeks ApartChrisV, Wed Aug 29 12:30pm
        At first glance, they do look a lot alike. Does looking alike mean they are from the same hand? Of course everyone signs a little different each time they put pen to paper, but it is more than that... more
    • Diet Coke — neglib, Wed Aug 29 10:53am
      • Re: Diet CokeChrisV, Wed Aug 29 11:49am
        That must be it. I was thinking Ryan had multiple personalities. After all, he has many many aliases and that accounts for all the variations in handwriting. Maybe we should just follow Dan Buck's... more
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