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Re: Diet Coke
Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:49am

That must be it. I was thinking Ryan had multiple personalities. After all, he has many many aliases and that accounts for all the variations in handwriting.

Maybe we should just follow Dan Buck's advice when we come across FAKE documents that are passed off as real. The quote is from Buck when confronted about the Santiago Ryan document that turned out bad. "Who wrote it or why, I have no idea. Perhaps Cassidy/Ryan had made the agreement and left, without signing over the stallion, and someone finished the document. Does it matter, not really"

You see we shouldn't worry about silly things like fake documents because history has already been written. It would be too hard and embarrassing for "experts" to admit they made a mistake. I guess when you dig the wrong graves you tend to shy away from your mistakes

  • Diet Cokeneglib, Wed Aug 29 10:53am
    Maybe he didn't get his Diet Coke fix for the day or he wasn't using his favorite fountain pen, or maybe he signed with his eyes closed. Take your pick.
    • Re: Diet Coke — ChrisV, Wed Aug 29 11:49am
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